Discover Benahavis - a picturesque village in the hills of the Costa del Sol, just a short distance from the main town of Marbella. Known as the "dining room of the Costa del Sol," Benahavis offers a unique blend of traditional Spanish charm and modern luxury. The area attracts a diverse range of residents and investors, including Spanish locals, expatriates and international investors. This cultural mix contributes to a vibrant and welcoming community.

Access and Transport Links

Benahavis enjoys convenient access to both Marbella and the Malaga Airport. The village is approximately a 15-minute drive from Marbella's vibrant city centre. Residents can find an array of shopping, entertainment, and cultural options. The Malaga Airport is approximately a 45-minute drive away, offering excellent connectivity to international destinations.

Restaurants in Benahavis

Benahavis is renowned for its exceptional dining scene, boasting a plethora of gourmet restaurants that cater to a variety of culinary preferences. From traditional Spanish tapas to international fusion cuisine, residents and visitors alike can indulge in a world of gastronomic delights.

Closest Beaches to Benahavis

1. San Pedro Beach: Approximately 10-15 minutes away by car, San Pedro Beach offers a beautiful stretch of sandy shoreline, perfect for sunbathing and water activities.
2. Puerto Banus Beach: Roughly 20 minutes away, Puerto Banus Beach is known for its vibrant atmosphere, upscale beach clubs, and stunning views of luxury yachts.
3. Estepona Beach: About a 25-minute drive, Estepona Beach features a charming promenade and a mix of family-friendly and tranquil spots.

Amenities for Property Buyers/Investors

Property buyers and investors will discover Benahavis in Marbella to have all the amenities they need. Including boutique shops, local markets, wellness centers, and proximity to international schools. The village's serene setting and accessibility to both urban and natural attractions make it a desirable location for both permanent residence and vacation properties.

Restaurants and Bars

1. Amanhavis: A charming restaurant offering a fusion of Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, nestled within the village's historic surroundings.
2. La Torre: Known for its stunning views and inventive gastronomy, La Torre is a must-visit for culinary enthusiasts.
3. El Castillo: This picturesque restaurant combines traditional Spanish flavors with modern twists, set against the backdrop of the village's medieval castle.

Activities, Sports, and Fitness

1. Benahavis River Walk: This scenic trail along the river offers a tranquil setting for walking, jogging, or simply enjoying nature.
2. Rio Guadalmina Canyoning: Adventure seekers can explore the breathtaking Rio Guadalmina through exhilarating canyoning excursions.
3. Hiking and Biking: Benahavis is surrounded by lush landscapes, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts to explore various hiking and biking trails.

Parks and Dog Parks

Parque Torre Leonera provides a serene oasis for residents and their furry friends, featuring well-maintained green spaces, walking paths, and a designated dog park.

Golf - The 3 Closest Courses to Benahavis

1. Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club: Designed by Seve Ballesteros, this challenging course offers stunning views of the Mediterranean and surrounding mountains.
2. La Quinta Golf & Country Club: Nestled in the heart of Benahavis, this course boasts a scenic layout and top-notch facilities.
3. Atalaya Golf & Country Club: Featuring two 18-hole courses, Atalaya offers diverse challenges and breathtaking vistas.

Schools in Benahavis

For families, Benahavis provides access to reputable international schools, including the Atalaya Bilingual School, which offers a comprehensive curriculum and a supportive learning environment.

Summary - Why Benahavis is a Great Place to Invest in Property

Benahavis offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and modern amenities, making it an attractive destination for property investment. Its proximity to Marbella and the Malaga Airport, coupled with its diverse community and exceptional dining scene, create a desirable lifestyle for residents and a promising opportunity for investors seeking growth potential.

An Interesting Fact about Benahavis

Despite its small size, Benahavis boasts an astonishing number of gourmet restaurants – over 30 in total – earning it the nickname "The Dining Room of the Costa del Sol." This culinary distinction adds to the village's unique charm and appeal. If you want to discover Benahavis in Marbella and the property options there. Get in touch or click here!