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IPT Tax has been reduced to 7%. The Spanish government have just announced the reduced fees until the end of the year. Great news for the Spanish property market.

No more levels!

This fixed rate is the same for all properties, regardless of the sales price.

  • 3% saving on Property over €700,000 which used to be set at 10%.
  • 2% saving on property priced between €400,000 & €700,000 which was at 9%.
  • 1% Saving on properties under €400,000 which was at 8% before today.

The government have also reduced the Stamp duty from 1.5% to 1.2%. This, together with the fixed rate, will make huge savings for many people looking to buy in 2021.

So what are you waiting for?

Whether you are looking to relocate or for a second home in Spain, now is most definitely the time to buy!

Take a look below at some of the properties you could be saving money on!

Save 3% on this high end villa in El Rosario

4 Bed, 5 Baths

If you would like more information on this stunning villa for sale for €2,175,000, located in East Marbella - CLICK HERE.

Big savings on Large Villa in El Rosario

An ideal property for commercial use, this huge villa was formerly used as a school, which loads of rooms and a large underground area with spa. We think that this is a perfect investment opportunity for any number of commercial activities. It is on the market at €1,950,000 and you will make big savings with the reduced fees until the end of the year.

7 beds 5 baths

Follow this link to see more info this fabulous property.

A Gorgeous Villa in Prime Location. 

3 bed, 3 bath

Currently, this villa is on sale at €1,595,000. So, if you are looking for a resale property in Spain, this could be it? Click here to see more.