Deal or No Deal - What happens in Spain after Brexit?

British expats in Spain are to expect a warm, post-Brexit Welcome regardless, with firm assurances from the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in form of a royal decree.

The referendum has left many British residents in Spain wondering where they will stand and Spain is eager to reassure them that a warm welcome will continue to be extended.

British residents and second homeowners will be relieved to hear that the Spanish Prime Minister is passing a royal decree so that if the UK leaves without a deal, legal measures will apply for British citizens. This makes Spain the first country in the EU to put fallback measures in place highlighting their intentions.The legal document offers reassurance to Spanish residents by laying out information on maintaining post Brexit residency rights and healthcare going forward.

Residency in Spain after Brexit

Regardless of the scenario, once the UK has left the European Union, residents will be required to change their registration document for anew card. Further Information can be found in English on this Spanish government website:

If you are a UK national arriving in Spain after the UK has left the European Union, you will need to follow new guidelines, which are yet to be disclosed.

Driving in Spain after Brexit

If the UK leave with an agreement, then UK driving licenses will remain fully effective in Spain under existing conditions.

New residents in Spain have a six-month time period in which to change their UK driving license to a Spanish license.

IF the UK leave the EU without a deal, then the Brexit specific Spanish legislation states that a UK license will entitle the holder to drive in Spain for a period of nine months following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Life in Spain after Brexit resources:

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